Ottawa Kitchen Renovations: 2013 Trends and More

Are you in the process of renovating your kitchen and a bit confused? Many Ottawa residents are in the same situation and it can definitely be an overwhelming task. With so many aspects of your kitchen that can changed to give the kitchen area a new look, what should you choose, and most importantly, what is the most cost effective for your specific goals?

It’s well known that if you want to make the biggest impact on the look of your kitchen that counter top replacement is one of the best ways, regardless of your use for the kitchen. Simply replacing your worn out, original laminate counter with a natural stone quartz or granite surface can give your kitchen, a part of your home you spend plenty of time in, will not only dramatically transform the entire area, but add incredible value to your home immediately.

Choosing the right surface though is one of the most important decisions you can make as not every surface matches each household, so here is a quick run down of the characteristics of each.

Laminate: Usually people  associate this material with being more inexpensive, and it certainly is, however in recent years it has become much more resilient and durable. Very popular choice for rental property or short term fixes.

Quartz/Engineered Stone: This is an interesting and affordable alternative to the expensive granite and marble options which offers less annual maintenance and is even more stain-resistant than laminate. The cost has not become any lower than granite, however this may change in the future for Ottawa residents.